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(Again need assistance here.) CAN NOT DO: Report who walks into a cloud on Yogg-Saron, the game does not generate a combat event for clouds except when an add actually spawns.v2.12 (April 30th, 2009) Fixed nasty error (sorry!) Added fail for receiving too many stacks of General Vezax's Saronite Vapors v2.11 (April 29th, 2009) Added hard mode Mimiron flames Added ground tremor on Freya and her guardian Added spam protection for runic smash on Thorim Fixed bomb bots to only display in Mimiron's room Also added option to not announce bomb bot fails Added option to reset counter upon entering combat Added void zone from when you kill Auriaya's guardian add Added devouring flame fire on Razorscale Added message if someone's light bomb ticks on any player for 3 or more times (untested, hope it works) Added message if someone's gravity bomb hits 2 or more players (untested, hope it works) v2.1 (April 19th, 2009) Added additional fails for Ulduar, see main description page for list. v2.0 (April 2nd, 2009) Now adds a counter to the end of every fail message showing how many times that person has failed. Early support added for Ulduar (only the bosses that have been available on the US PTR).Fixed flash freeze/snow mound reports going off on Yogg-Saron. v1.4 (December 27th, 2008) Fixed Thaddius jump announcement.v1.3 (December 9th, 2008) Hopefully fixed possible error on Thaddius.Since last April alone, the amount of published articles, blog posts and multimedia content featuring the words "AI" or "Artificial Intelligence" has more than doubled, according to Factiva.Talk of AI often centers around life-altering technological advancements such as driverless vehicles or genomic medicine.Still, that doesn't stop people from offering advice.

Although hugely important, in my view it is not relevant to negotiations.***************************************************************************** I have recently quit raiding and will soon be quitting Wo W altogether, so I will no longer be able to maintain and update this project.I suggest checking out Ensidia Fails for a proper replacement: Add some public humiliation to your raid!While well intentioned, much of the advice victims receive is impractical or only makes their situation worse, said Stacy Tye-Williams, an assistant professor of communication studies and English at Iowa State University."If you haven't experienced bullying, you don't understand it and it is hard to imagine what you actually would do in the situation," Tye-Williams said.

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