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WIll be sold with new tyres of the buyers choice, new rego, new wof and new service.- Engine is 96ci running SE Ported heads, running SE 10.25:1 cast pistons, S&S 585 gear drive easy start cams, Timkin Bearing crank running .003" runout, oil pump and lifters are Feuling, adjustable pushrods, SE intake and Mukini HSR42 Carb which has been tuned perfectly for the Supertrapp 2-1 Exhaust. This is one sweet motor that is not over stressed with massive cams or super high compression. - Gearbox is Baker Drivetrain DD6 6 speed transmission which cruises at 3000rpm at 130km/hr -Ignition is Dyna Twin Tec with adjustable rev limiter, static advance and advance.No matter what you are looking for, this site will have it all.[ Link Details ]Sewing is dedicated to all the avid stitchers out there!

- Performance machine light weight wheels - Tokico GSXR 750 radial mounted calipers with HH sintered pads - Dual floating rotors - XR1200 master cylinder with adjustable levers and RSD master cylinder cap and braided performance lines - Westcoast slingshot 12" T Bars with T Bar bag, HD get-a-grips - Custom paint, HD touring lower fairing with magnetic lids - All black out in gloss black double coated powder coat - Custom Dynamic integrated tail lamp and LED fronts - HD LED Daymaker headlamp - Brand new Saddleman Step up seat with HCCC seat screw - Rear pegs doubles as sliders to protect exhaust and engine - Front and rear Ohlins suspension.Engine was running and compression tested prior to removal.The compression test results are as follows: Cyl 1 - 171psi Cyl 2 - 171 psi Cyl 3 - 173 psi Cyl 4 - 175 psi Engine is in overall excellent condition.First of all, the former President Obama secretly changed the rule in which he is able to UNMASK any American.There are many important people involved, most of them part of the highest echelons of the former White House administration such as Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice and John Brennan.

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