Xbmc tv database not updating

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I typed the exact name the film, and after another brief "Querying," I'm back at the keyboard.

I tried several of different movie titles, as well as just a few common words, and it always sends me back to the keyboard like it can't find anything. I have robbie Williams concerts for my othe half and cannot find any thing to do with him, but they are all there on the website.

By default, you need to manually tell the program to re-scan your folders every time you add something, which is annoying if you add new media regularly. In exchange for more complication, each option gives more flexibility than the last, so it’s worth going over all three.

Our recommendation: choose the least complicated option that does what you want.

For a description of new features and changes in Kodi please read the official Kodi v17.0 release notice.

Changes since 7.95.3 include: View detailed changes on Git Hub BOOT PARTITION SIZE The Libre ELEC (Krypton) 8.0.0 image for Generic x86_64 hardware is 216MB so it fits in the 230MB boot partition size limit of older Open ELEC installations without resizing the boot partition or forcing a complete reinstallation.

Last night, everything was fine and worked as usual.

This site also has a full XML API that allows other software and websites to use this information.AMLOGIC MIXED-ARCH BUILDS If you have been using community created mixed-arch builds for Odroid C2, We Tek Hub and Play 2 (aarch64 kernel with 32-bit userspace) and want to revert to official builds you must remove 32-bit binary add-ons before updating as they will not run.You will also need to run “touch /storage/.update/.nocompat” to override the CPU arch check in the update process else it detects a mismatch and aborts.The API is currently being used by the my TV add-in for Windows Media Center, Kodi, the mee TVshows and TVNight plugins for Meedio, the MP-TVSeries plugin for Media Portal, Numote (i Phone/Android app and set-top device), and many more.If you find this site useful, please consider donating.

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